Abest, a trusted provider of mobile repairing parts and tools, embarked on a remarkable digital journey to expand its horizons beyond its physical store in Kolkata. With the help of our digital expertise, Abest transitioned into the online realm, bringing its high-quality products to a global audience. This case study explores how this transformation not only expanded Abest's reach but also increased customer satisfaction and overall business success.

The Challenge:

Abest faced the challenge of limited reach and growth potential while operating solely from its physical store in Kolkata. To thrive in the competitive mobile repairing parts and tools market, Abest recognized the need to tap into the vast online marketplace.

Our Solution:

We partnered with Abest to devise a comprehensive digital strategy that included the development of a user-friendly e-commerce website and a mobile app. Here's how we helped Abest take its business online and reach a broader audience:

1. Website Development: We designed and developed a feature-rich e-commerce website for Abest. The website was optimized for user experience, ensuring easy navigation and secure transactions.

2. Mobile App Development: Recognizing the growing trend of mobile shopping, we created a mobile app for Abest, compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The app offered a convenient and accessible platform for customers to browse and purchase products.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): To enhance Abest's online visibility, we implemented an SEO strategy that ensured the website and app ranked well on search engines. This increased organic traffic and improved their overall online presence.

4. Social Media Integration: We integrated Abest's social media profiles with the website and app, allowing for seamless sharing of products and promotions. This helped in building a loyal online community.

Results and Benefits:

The digital transformation journey brought forth remarkable results for Abest:

1. Global Reach: Abest's online presence allowed it to reach customers far beyond the confines of Kolkata. They attracted customers from various regions, both nationally and internationally.

2. Increased Sales: The e-commerce website and mobile app witnessed a surge in sales, contributing significantly to Abest's revenue growth. 

3. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Customers appreciated the convenience of online shopping, and Abest received positive feedback for its user-friendly platforms and prompt delivery services.

4. Improved Brand Visibility: Abest's SEO strategy ensured higher visibility in search results, establishing the brand as a go-to destination for mobile repairing parts and tools.

5. Data-Driven Decision-Making: With the help of analytics, Abest gained valuable insights into customer behavior, enabling them to fine-tune their product offerings and marketing strategies.


Abest's decision to embrace digital transformation by taking its business online has been a resounding success. It has not only expanded its customer base and sales but has also increased its brand recognition. Abest's journey from a local store in Kolkata to an online global marketplace demonstrates the immense potential of a well-executed digital strategy. This case study showcases how a partnership with a digital company can be transformative, leading to sustainable business growth and customer satisfaction. Abest's experience serves as an inspiring example for businesses seeking to thrive in the digital age.

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